My Friends

Friend don’t really exist between the common things that was shared. It’s the feeling of happiness, the sense of belongingness. No matter what gap of ages, gender or states-Friends are Friends.

About 1 and a half year go when I last taken their photo together. That was the funniest picture I’d captured that day. The three if them is very active and energetic as they actually climbed a tree then suddenly requests for a shot. Nostalgic, indeed.

I don’t really considered them as a friend that time but drastically visualizes and realizes that between them and my flock of school friends, I could consider them as the best. ^_^

I can laugh over my gums out, even cried out of happiness and dance like I was out of my mind. Thats how I act with them and no other person could make me insane like that unless I’m with them.


And coolest part with it is that, two of them is my sister in blood(Almira and Aimy- Both in the right). Nevertheless, the other one’s my sister in life (Princess on the left). I live them so much.

Thank you very much from reading. ❤