Doing Something for the Environment

Giving a certain conduct in supporting the environment should not require the matter of ages. And as a teenager of nowadays generation, observing the environment’s state is a concern. For instance, the lacking of trees that I had seen which causes the the constant floods within the whole area should be fixed as soon as possible.


First, I must consider myself planting trees. Making a small steps might get large in the future, I believe. Yes, I know that this newly-planted trees or seeds aren’t that immediate on giving effects but I can still do another technique. As an example, the regular cleaning of drainage in order to prevent sort of flood is a simple thing people like me can do.
Daily cleanings might help the flood minimized while on the other hand, trees that has been planted continued to grow which in the future help the society to peacefully grow as I believe that,

Nature is not mute. It is man who is
-Terrence McKenna



Still of doing school stuff, perhaps a high schooler who dreams to be a successful blogger.

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