Victory Vs. Tyranny

I’m no fan of boxing, but I watched things when’s in mood, and yes, I saw the Horn X Pacquaio fight about 7 hours ago. Jeff Horn won and I really believe he deserves it rather than Manny Pacquaio ( I’m Filipino even though). Just to be honest, Horn really has the strength of defeating our very own Pacman. The aggressiveness and the greed made it really clear that he’s prepared for the fight. Yet, the announcement of winners is somehow tragic ( Is it just me?). Yes, the overwhelming happiness of the Australian-boxer’s could be seen but winning in the state and stand like it is unsatisfying. There’s some loneliness and greed which basically turned my emotion mixed. His eyes are wounded and Manny’s head are ripped. It’s dirty? I don’t know too. All I know is some kind of empathy to the both of them. *sighs*


Check my grammar. I would be happy if you do, comment below. You’re always welcome. Lots of love from Aira. ❀



Still of doing school stuff, perhaps a high schooler who dreams to be a successful blogger.

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