Various Loops

I don’t think it’s a kind of loops but anyways I’d like to share something since an idea enters when I had read the word Loop.

As you can see, there are three watches, a bracelet and a simple, black hair-binder. I owned them and was the things that random peeps gave me before. They’re all beautiful, yes! I only use the hair-binder honestly. And now I’m glad there’s something I could make that watches and bracelet into good since I feautured them today. I don’t really wear them but the hair-binder is.

I believe that being wonderful isΒ  not a price of having such wealthy. It’s about the humbleness and the kind. Don’t let the bandwagon effects you, let them feel that you’re more promising than any beautiful ones.


That is why, I dont believe on the Natural Selection Theory of Evolution which one could survive if it adapts the same environment te context has. I could survive even I have the weirdest way of dressing, I could survive even though I walk alone, I could survive even without adapting their new ways of talking and making friend and I could live for as long as I could change my destination for who I really want to.



Still of doing school stuff, perhaps a high schooler who dreams to be a successful blogger.

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