Back to School

Let us feel the comeback of new rythm and atmospehere in this fascinating school year of 2017-2018. Other than that is the prior welcome to the latest Oppo F3 Plus-the selfie expert.

Asking ‘how’s me’ on my latter grade level is the same as answering the question ‘what brought me in my current harmonic spirit of motivations’. I’m somewhat satisfied with my former class last year. So basically, as a Grade 12 Accountancy, Business and Management learner, I’m confident enough and more looking forward for what my new teachers will guarantees.

My school selfie would be best If I could only have my own Oppo #SelfieExpert

My long wait is over. It’s finally our comeback! Let’s see how could this year ends.


Surely, that would be better if I could only capture every moment that everyone shares in the class using OppoF3 which could turn my #SelfieExpert dream into reality.image

My last school year ended satisfying rather than a stressed one. I could not surely made it without this simple guidelines I made.

I really love sharing things out so check this guidelines of mine.

How students can survive on stressful school year?

1. Make a Schedule.
– This is very useful for every students’ time efficiency and work effectivity. Lots of households plus the school homeworks will apparently devour the capacity of student to finish both of it on time. But if they could only allow themselves to follow their own schedule it will give them a certain positive results. Thus, the possibility that stress decreases.

2. Activate yourself.
– I know how hard being a student is. But it’s you who can only make a possible results to survive your every school year.

3. Feel Motivated | Trash your Negative Thoughts
– Always seek for an inspiration and it will surely help you to work harder without being stress. Those inspirations might found within your friends, family, romantic relationship and of course with God. It will surely bring your positive thoughts out of you.

4.Healthy Lifestyle
– Being stressed also concerns on how your lifestyle fluctuates by time. Always remember that a healthy lifestyle is more than having too much wealth. Eat nutritious food and stay fit. What about taking selfies for every improvement using the selfie expert-Oppo? It will lessen your stress.image

5. Lastly, Find a time for fun.
– You can create a separate time just for fun. Like for example, capturing some photos using Oppo-The #SelfieExpert,take a shot on every funny moments together with friends and /or recording your classmates reporting activities.

I’m hoping that I’d reached lots of students. I will definitely apply those various ways in this shool years’ comeback togther with Oppo -theSelfie Expert.

Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is best to use when taking OOTD’s? Why?

Choosing between the OPPO’s #SelfieExpert smartphones is difficult since OPPO’s various cool features neer disappointed us. But if it in the matter of taking my OOTDs, I’ve got this special smartphone in mind, the OPPO F3 PLUS #selfieExpert.



1. Dual Front Cameras
– OPPO F3 Plus features a double front camera which could immediately switch between using the shutter icon. The secondary front camera offers 8 megapixel sensor which grabs a wider field of view. It could be use in group selfies. On the other hand is the 16 megapixel front camera which possesed a better image in a low light performances for it has f/2 operature. I would love taking group selfies and OOTDs using such features. ❤

2. 64 GB Storage | 4 GB of RAM
– Different OOTD’s takes place and it also takes my S-T-O-R-A-G-E out. So, yes for this feature storage. People could have save more photos and videos on their OOTDs. Oppo really shows that they don’t only excell on having a good quality of image due to itd camera. But, also 64 GB that the quality of 64 GB that takes place.

3.Excellent Battery Life
– Annoying battery shut downs prevent us from continuing selfies or group selfies. That’s what bad luck means to the others. It comes with the high GB of storage and a very good battery life.

4. Build Quality
– The easy to hand OPPO F3 PLUS is best used in taking OOTDs.This
phone’s metal unibody feels very sturdy. It’s sturdiness and its rounded edges make it easy to hold even though it has a smooth technology. So in taking OOTDs your phone will never again suffer from falling it because OPPO F3 PLUS is a new design that targets a selfie obsessed buyers. So, no worry for a selfie addict! 😀

All in all, OPPO F3 PLUS #SelfieExpert shows that we could surely take our best OOTDs with the help of best smartphones.

Oppo, for the better image quality. Grab your own now!



Still of doing school stuff, perhaps a high schooler who dreams to be a successful blogger.

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