Doing Something for the Environment

Giving a certain conduct in supporting the environment should not require the matter of ages. And as a teenager of nowadays generation, observing the environment’s state is a concern. For instance, the lacking of trees that I had seen which causes the the constant floods within the whole area should be fixed as soon as possible.


First, I must consider myself planting trees. Making a small steps might get large in the future, I believe. Yes, I know that this newly-planted trees or seeds aren’t that immediate on giving effects but I can still do another technique. As an example, the regular cleaning of drainage in order to prevent sort of flood is a simple thing people like me can do.
Daily cleanings might help the flood minimized while on the other hand, trees that has been planted continued to grow which in the future help the society to peacefully grow as I believe that,

Nature is not mute. It is man who is
-Terrence McKenna

Victory Vs. Tyranny

I’m no fan of boxing, but I watched things when’s in mood, and yes, I saw the Horn X Pacquaio fight about 7 hours ago. Jeff Horn won and I really believe he deserves it rather than Manny Pacquaio ( I’m Filipino even though). Just to be honest, Horn really has the strength of defeating our very own Pacman. The aggressiveness and the greed made it really clear that he’s prepared for the fight. Yet, the announcement of winners is somehow tragic ( Is it just me?). Yes, the overwhelming happiness of the Australian-boxer’s could be seen but winning in the state and stand like it is unsatisfying. There’s some loneliness and greed which basically turned my emotion mixed. His eyes are wounded and Manny’s head are ripped. It’s dirty? I don’t know too. All I know is some kind of empathy to the both of them. *sighs*


Check my grammar. I would be happy if you do, comment below. You’re always welcome. Lots of love from Aira. ❤

School Essential

Now that the 2017-2018 back-to-school enters, lot of students just avail different school supplies with its different purposes.Having a complete school material really makes a student more productive and efficient. It’s because of the simple motivation that their parents could give as they purchased every expensive or cheap things for their child. Nevertheless, let’s tackled the different school material we could just never want to leave without.

Here is my (or yours’ too) must-have school matters:

1. My B-A-G-S
– Yes, my bag. That was the most precious thing aside from my daily allowance.(Kidding!) Why? Because it’s the apparent thing that others could be seeing immediately to you. From my own experience, student tend to be insecure and be curious in a wrong way that others might be making fun of them just because of the old and ripped bags they owned.


Inside my bag are:

– Of course, we all need this!
#SHARE: Writing became a habit of mine just a year ago and I really take care of my own notes then publish them on my secret page so whenever an idea entered my mind I immediately jot it down on my notebooks even what subject it is.



– For everytime that we’re going to buy school supplies it is apparent that we could ever and never forget the pen, ballpen and the like. Even though, it’s small enough to be forgotten, its essence are felt.



– I know this is unusual for a senior high school like me to include colors as one of my essentials. But, no one asks how devoted I am on arts! So as long as I’m bored at school, I draw even just a pinch, colored them and sa tisfy myself.


– I’m insecure! I hope I could be just like you, no matter how many digits and operations, no matter how many X and Ys and no matter how many bump and falls, you’re still living alive accompanying me. My very much calculator.
Guide me more on my future accounting problems, please? Longlive and lovelots, from Aira.


– With you I am safe, even it’s in a rain or sun, thunder or storm and hot and cold. Thank you very much-my dear umbrella.


-Geez! It’s so hot in the Philippines. Any 20 minutes will make you kneel for a cold water. That’s indeed dehydrating! So do add some bottled water inside your school bag just the same as mine.


Beauty Kits
– For all the ‘kikay’ girls over there, I know this stuff is easy on you . But for all those cute, four-eyed geeks, always appreciate your beauty and do not let yourself reach the haggard-mode.


2. The proof of state (lol) – Identification Card
– One sould not forgot this one at any means of time whenever going to school. More probably to the school which is strict regarding in this matter.

No ID, No Entry


3. The W-A-L-L-E-T
– It’s a disgrace when a student forgot to ask for the allowance. Right?
I mean, who else could still forgot about the daily allowance if they only went school because of it? Just kidding! ❤ But still, leaving home without the wallet (or the money iself) is scary.


4. Shoes
– Just stay who you are! Never expand okay? Just let me stand on you and I will take you on a nicest places you’ve never been before. Pinky promise?


Inside my wallet:

– Imagine an awkward moment when you’re about to give the transportation fee on the taxi/jeepney driver but recognizes that you forgot your wallet at home. That was doomed! Always remember to grab a meager coins and it will surely help you.


Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is the best one to be part of my School Essentials? And why?

Oops! My School Essentials aren’t yet complete without my number ‘five’.

5. Oppo F3 #Selfie Expert
-How I wish I could have you carried anywhere in the campus if I could only have you mine. For all the selfies, with all my groufies and video recordings, nothing can beat you.



1. Oppo F3 is easy to carry.

Oppo F3 comes with a pocketable 153.3 mm height, 75.2 mm width , 7.3 mm thickness and a light at about 153 gram (with battery). So, it would be great to be carried anywhere with its fair size plus it could be managed just in one hand.

2. Oppo F3 is featured with plenty of storage.

The phone has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage which is now trending mostly with todays apps and games. So just like what I had said, Oppo F3’s featured storage is compatible with my timely selfies and groufies without appearing the ‘Your storage is full’.

3. Oppo F3 is giving the best camera shots.

I’m able to capture every moments in its secondary 8-megapixel sensor that takes a wider field of view, allowing more people fit in the frame.

Well, its front cameras with primary 16-megapixel shooter captures detailed shots that makes it very good with selfies and groufies.

Oppo F3 suits the characteristics that I meant to have this school year. No doubts, Oppo F3 really is the #SelfieExpert.

4. Oppo F3 comes with 3200 mAh battery.

Now, if I will be going to school together with the Oppo F3, I won’t even mind its’ battery storage as this phone could be managed through a full days with of regular usage. So Oppo F3 really satisfies the selfie addict not with its’ high quality cameras only but in its long battery capacity.

Various Loops

I don’t think it’s a kind of loops but anyways I’d like to share something since an idea enters when I had read the word Loop.

As you can see, there are three watches, a bracelet and a simple, black hair-binder. I owned them and was the things that random peeps gave me before. They’re all beautiful, yes! I only use the hair-binder honestly. And now I’m glad there’s something I could make that watches and bracelet into good since I feautured them today. I don’t really wear them but the hair-binder is.

I believe that being wonderful is  not a price of having such wealthy. It’s about the humbleness and the kind. Don’t let the bandwagon effects you, let them feel that you’re more promising than any beautiful ones.


That is why, I dont believe on the Natural Selection Theory of Evolution which one could survive if it adapts the same environment te context has. I could survive even I have the weirdest way of dressing, I could survive even though I walk alone, I could survive even without adapting their new ways of talking and making friend and I could live for as long as I could change my destination for who I really want to.

Back to School

Let us feel the comeback of new rythm and atmospehere in this fascinating school year of 2017-2018. Other than that is the prior welcome to the latest Oppo F3 Plus-the selfie expert.

Asking ‘how’s me’ on my latter grade level is the same as answering the question ‘what brought me in my current harmonic spirit of motivations’. I’m somewhat satisfied with my former class last year. So basically, as a Grade 12 Accountancy, Business and Management learner, I’m confident enough and more looking forward for what my new teachers will guarantees.

My school selfie would be best If I could only have my own Oppo #SelfieExpert

My long wait is over. It’s finally our comeback! Let’s see how could this year ends.


Surely, that would be better if I could only capture every moment that everyone shares in the class using OppoF3 which could turn my #SelfieExpert dream into reality.image

My last school year ended satisfying rather than a stressed one. I could not surely made it without this simple guidelines I made.

I really love sharing things out so check this guidelines of mine.

How students can survive on stressful school year?

1. Make a Schedule.
– This is very useful for every students’ time efficiency and work effectivity. Lots of households plus the school homeworks will apparently devour the capacity of student to finish both of it on time. But if they could only allow themselves to follow their own schedule it will give them a certain positive results. Thus, the possibility that stress decreases.

2. Activate yourself.
– I know how hard being a student is. But it’s you who can only make a possible results to survive your every school year.

3. Feel Motivated | Trash your Negative Thoughts
– Always seek for an inspiration and it will surely help you to work harder without being stress. Those inspirations might found within your friends, family, romantic relationship and of course with God. It will surely bring your positive thoughts out of you.

4.Healthy Lifestyle
– Being stressed also concerns on how your lifestyle fluctuates by time. Always remember that a healthy lifestyle is more than having too much wealth. Eat nutritious food and stay fit. What about taking selfies for every improvement using the selfie expert-Oppo? It will lessen your stress.image

5. Lastly, Find a time for fun.
– You can create a separate time just for fun. Like for example, capturing some photos using Oppo-The #SelfieExpert,take a shot on every funny moments together with friends and /or recording your classmates reporting activities.

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My Friends

Friend don’t really exist between the common things that was shared. It’s the feeling of happiness, the sense of belongingness. No matter what gap of ages, gender or states-Friends are Friends.

About 1 and a half year go when I last taken their photo together. That was the funniest picture I’d captured that day. The three if them is very active and energetic as they actually climbed a tree then suddenly requests for a shot. Nostalgic, indeed.

I don’t really considered them as a friend that time but drastically visualizes and realizes that between them and my flock of school friends, I could consider them as the best. ^_^

I can laugh over my gums out, even cried out of happiness and dance like I was out of my mind. Thats how I act with them and no other person could make me insane like that unless I’m with them.


And coolest part with it is that, two of them is my sister in blood(Almira and Aimy- Both in the right). Nevertheless, the other one’s my sister in life (Princess on the left). I live them so much.

Thank you very much from reading. ❤